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Stress Symptoms of Inherited Stress.


Men with a family history of heart disease seem to score highly on the stress symptom scale. Psychological stress is a known risk factor for heart disease.

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Stress Symptoms; Are you at risk?

Does your family have a history of heart disease?    Then you might have”inherited stress” as well.   It seems that stress can affect us at our very genes!   Could you be passing your physical stress traits to your children?   Can your high blood pressure and high cholesterol be passed on to your future generations?

As it turns on stress and heart disease are often together.   Families with a history of heart disease also tend to have higher levels of stress.   The stress symptoms include; irritation, anger, impatience, worrying, etc.     So do your future generations a favor and practice stress management today.   Learn ways to reduce stress.    Try different techniques to combat stress.   Start learning to help yourself relax today.   You would be help yourself, your children and maybe even your grand kids out a lot.

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