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Substance Abuse Counseling Program Article on Alternatives to Pain Meds

Alternative pain management compared to pain killers is an important thing to avoid possible addiction.

Please also review our Substance Abuse Counseling Program

Please also review our Substance Abuse Counseling Program

Please also review our Substance Abuse Counseling Program

The article, Virtual Reality: The Alternative To Marijuana And Opioids For Pain Management, by Reenita Das states,

“Those who have tried on a virtual reality headset can tell you that the experience is lifelike, almost real. If the projection is of you standing atop a tall building’s edge, you will be afraid of falling – the experience is real enough to fool your brain! Gaming is a natural application of the technology, but what is the application in healthcare and what can it do enhance the patient experience?

The video demonstrates how virtual reality (VR) can improve patients’ lives and aid in recovery, and rehabilitation. Samsung is a notable player in this market that has been perfecting this technology for the past decade.

Today there are several patient-centric applications that have been tested to deliver results leading us to believe that VR could disrupt several industries. For instance, it is emerging to be an excellent substitute for both opioids and even marijuana for pain management. On the top of everything, we have predicted the market for virtual reality and augmented reality for healthcare applications to grow to $5.1 billion by 2025with about 3.4 million patients availing the technology.”

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Please also review our Substance Abuse Counseling PrograM

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