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Substance Abuse Counseling Program Article on Myths and Facts About Addiction

Good article on myths and facts regarding substance abuse and drug addiction

Please also review our Substance Abuse Counseling Program

Please also review our Substance Abuse Counseling Program

Please also review our Substance Abuse Counseling Program

The article, National Drug and Alcohol Fa cts Weeks about dispelling myths on substance abuse, by Winchester Sun states, 

“National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week is a health observance linking teens to science based facts to “shatter the myth” about drugs.

Substance use can lead teens to long-term social and health problems, injury and even death.

Growth and development can be affected by tobacco, alcohol and drugs. Teens who abuse these substances may have trouble building relationships, finding their identity and becoming emotionally stable.

They also may have trouble preparing for the future. Substance abuse can affect learning and memory, which can harm a teen’s schoolwork.

Substance abuse can grow very quickly from occasional drug use or experimenting to addiction in teens.”

To read the entire article, please click here


Please also if you a behavioral professional or a licensed healthcare professional consider becoming certified in Substance Abuse Counseling.  This certification is offered by the American Institute of Health Care Professionals


Please review our Substance Abuse Counseling Program to learn more and to see if it matches your academic and professional goals.


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