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Substance Abuse Counseling Training Article On Preventing Teen Substance Abuse

Good article about Substance Abuse Counseling Training

Please review our substance abuse counseling training program

Please review our substance abuse counseling training program

Teen drinking and substance abuse is a huge issue and certified substance abuse counselors can help parents protect their children

The article, “Preventing teen substance abuse” by Barbie Powell states

“The Easton Redding Community Cares Coalition (ERCCC) is an organization that students and parents may want to know about and get involved.

The objective and purpose of the ERCCC is to help focus and coordinate the Easton and Redding communities’ response to the threats of alcohol and substance misuse and abuse and reduce risky behaviors.

The coalition looks to promote and facilitate community efforts in reducing substance abuse and risky behaviors by focusing in the areas of prevention and education.”

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Please also review our Substance Abuse Counseling Training

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