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Substance Abuse Practitioner: Underage Drinking.

Alcohol Abuse In Teenagers And How A  Substance Abuse Practitioner Can Handle It by: Donna Planton, MA Substance abuse has a certain connection the youth population of the world, and most of the addictions start at a young age. Whether it is use of marijuana, opium drugs or alcohol, the youth has been drawn towards these health deteriorating substances like moth to a flame. In order to help teenagers understand the alarming risks of alcohol abuse, we as parents and responsible adults must get to the root of the cause and help them part ways from alcohol addiction, which is


Substance Abuse Resources

Substance Abuse Resources Website We recommend this website for good information written to the audience of teenagers. A comprehensive site:  click here  


Program in Substance Abuse Counseling: Drugs and Drinking Fool People Into Thinking Everything Is Alright

  Chiara sounds like so many young people who struggle with belonging, or who hide feelings of depression or anxiety. She used pot and alcohol to manage emotional pain that she didn’t know what else to do with. American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: In many cases, drugs and addiction mask many things.  In some cases its pain, suffering and despair that people do not wish to face.  In other cases, it is simply to fit in and belong in a certain setting. Teens face enough pressure with their biological changes, much less finding out who they are.  Drugs, peer


Today’s take: Addressing teen substance abuse requires thoughtful approach

Today’s take: Addressing teen substance abuse requires thoughtful approach

Substance abuse can affect any family, even the ones with strong values and drug-proofing activities to keep the house substance free. But reality is that substance abuse can affect any adult or child. American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: This is a good article for parents who want to address the issue of substance abuse with their teens.  These are issues that substance abuse counselors emphasize for parents to address. Among the many issues, substance abuse counselors know that ignoring or denying the problem is a huge barrier to finding a healthy solution for your teen.  Through time, as a


Substance abuse among politicians presents unique challenges

  “For some people, politics becomes an obsession,” said Terry Madonna, with Franklin & Marshall College. “It can just become so ingrained in who they are … that they can’t give up the stage.” American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Substance abuse is not foreign to any profession and no one person is immune to it.  The problem is found in every demograph and politicians are not exempt. Substance abuse has especially been notable in the news lately with various politicians and notably the Mayor of Toronoto. This article looks at the unique challenges that face politicians and the people


Mother Shares Story of Grief at DUI Victims Moving Memorial in Wilkes-Barre – PAHomepage.com

  A Warrior Run woman whose son’s name is on the DUI Memorial Wall spoke to Eyewitness News about her personal loss while visiting the Moving Memorial at King’s College. American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: This is an article about the moving memorial for killed drunk and driving teens.  It is an important reminder to the communities it visits of the dangers of drunk driving and substance abuse. While the key is to inform and help teens make better decisions, it also is important for the parents to find meaning in their loss. Memorials help parents find peace and solace and


Alcohol Counseling Advice

Alcohol Counseling Advice: Alcohol- A weapon Of Mass Destruction  By Fia Augusta As societies become more advanced, its members attain sophisticated techniques of information processing and analysis. As a consequence, they tend to shun simple and common sense approaches to life. The unfortunate result of this is that they end up forsaking habits. The negative consequences of alcohol have been known for generations. Common sense approaches like “drink moderately” or “don’t drive while drunk” have been proven to work. However, in a high-tech society, knowledge that is not expressed in a sophisticated algorithm or phone app does not gain traction.


Program In Substance Abuse Counseling: Spiritual teens abstain from substance abuse

Program In Substance Abuse Counseling: Spiritual teens abstain from substance abuse

  A new study has found that increased spirituality in teens undergoing substance abuse treatment is associated with greater likelihood of abstinence, increased positive social behaviours, and reduced… American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Studies show that spirituality can help resiliency.  This is also true with substance abuse. This article discusses how teens who have a stronger spirituality have an easier time overcoming substance abuse.  Having something beyond the material world is necessary for many to be able to resist the pleausres of this world and spirituality supplies this. If you are interested in taking courses in substance abuse counseling


Students faking for ADHD drugs to get a “Brain Boost”

  STUDENTS are mimicking ADHD symptoms in a bid to get their hands on a drug that can help them improve their concentration. American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Faking for ADHD Drugs? Teen drug abuse has always been a problem.  However, a new drug craze has students using “brain booster ADHD drugs” to help them study.    They are using ADHD medication to help them concentration for exams and assignments.    Question is using Ritalin as a study aid cheating?  (Students are faking for ADHD drugs.    They go to their doctor and fake the symptoms of adult ADHD in order to


Is relapse a part of recovery? What Do Certified Substance Abuse Counselors Think?

  By David Joel MillerIs relapse a necessary part of recovery?You will hear this a lot if you hang around treatment facilities, even self-help groups. I suppose it comes from seeing people relapse an… American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: A good article that looks and sees if relaspe is a natural part of recovery from substance abuse.  Certified substance abuse counselors need to understand the steps of recovery for a substance abuser and help them find recovery.  This is an excellent article that can help them understand the nature of substance abuse at a higher level. #substanceabuseprogram See on