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Tag: ADHD Drug Abusers


ADHD Drug Abusers Not Fooling Doctors!

Using Quotient To Catch ADHD Drug Abusers People have been caught red handed faking ADHD so they can get prescriptions for ADHD drugs.    Students are abusing these drugs for the high they cause and some of them are using to increase their concentration before exams.   If used as a study aid or not this is a big concern.  ADHD drug abusers is a big issue! Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-11-25/adhd-fakers-hankering-for-pills-thwarted-by-lie-detectors.html College students faking symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder to get hold of pills may have met their match in an ADHD lie detector device. People are acting fidgety and inattentive to try to