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Tag: ADHD Drugs


Are Pharmaceutical Companies Over-Selling ADHD Drugs to Our Children?

Is the Rise in ADHD Drugs a Pharmaceutical Campaign? Could the increase in doctor prescribed ADHD drugs be because of pharmaceutical companies trying to cash in our the mental health of our children?   It sounds like the plot of a Hollywood thriller, however in this ending our child’s health is at stake. By Alan Schwarz From New York Times The rise of A.D.H.D. diagnoses and prescriptions for stimulants over the years coincided with a remarkably successful two-decade campaign by pharmaceutical companies to publicize the syndrome and promote the pills to doctors, educators and parents. With the children’s market booming, the


ADHD Drugs Prescriptions Still High

ADHD Drugs Prescriptions Still High

ADHD drugs are the most often prescribe drug to children.    Even when numbers are showing a decline in drugs being prescribed to children.    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder seems to still be only treated with drugs in the medical world.   One must ask why?   There are plenty of alternative treatments to ADD that parents can use.   So why risk your child to mind altering drugs if you do not need to?    The article below has more on this issue. By Tara Haelle From Daily RX ADHD Drugs Still Used Even in Decline in General Drug Prescriptions (dailyRx) Though the past decade