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Tag: ADHD Treatment


Video Game As ADHD Treatment?

  A computer game that is controlled by the mind – not a mouse or keyboard – is getting the attention of children with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Using Video Games for ADHD Treatment. Treating ADHD with video games?   Sounds like a hyperactivity young child’s dream.   A new article shows that a new game is an effective ADHD treatment.   It works by making the child use their mind to control it.   So in order to win the game they must focus and pay attention.   For more on ADHD Counseling, please visit our SITE. See


Most Docs Don’t Follow ADHD Treatment Guidelines

  Some specialists turn to medications too soon while others avoid them completely American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: A good article to read if you believe the doctor knows best when it comes to ADHD treatment.  A new study shows that 90% of doctors do not follow ADHD treatment guidelines when treating ADHD.   If you have ever wanted to looking into alternative treatments for ADHD, now might be the time.   For  more on ADHD Counseling please visit our site. See on health.usnews.com


ADHD Treatment: 7 Life Skills For Your Teen

  These life skills are helpful for teens with ADHD to learn before leaving home for college, jobs, or their own homes. American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Fantastic article how several life skills your child with ADHD should master.   A lot of good no non-sense ADHD treatment advice here.   I personally like the first one.   A teen needs to develop a personal responsibility for themselves.   By teaching them this they will be able to adapt better in their adult lives when you are not around to take care of them.    For more information on ADHD Counseling, please visit our