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Tag: Adult ADHD


Adult ADHD in the Workplace

Adult ADHD in the Workplace

When most people hear adult ADHD they think that it is a myth.   They think that attention deficit disorder is only a childhood or adolescent disorder.   They could not be more wrong.   Adulthood ADHD can affect those with it in a number of ways.   Always late?  Have trouble remembering directions or instructions?   How about difficulty paying attention at work meetings?   These are all signs of adult ADHD.    These can have side effects in every aspect of our lives, most importantly our careers.   For a look at the possible negative effects that ADHD can have at the workplace please read the


Sign you might have Adult ADHD

Sign you might have Adult ADHD

Adult ADHD is a disorder that starts as a child and continues onto adulthood.   Some of the symptoms are relatively the same; poor attention span, trouble with tasks, laziness, etc.   In an adult, however, ADD can lead to reckless driving, marital or relationship problems, chronic unemployment, lack of ambition to name a few.   This is why learning about adult attention deficit disorder is important.  A good article about this form of attention deficit disorder is: By Catherine Holland From AZfamily.com Sign you might have Adult ADHD Symptoms of adult ADHD include trouble getting organized, reckless driving, marital troubles, extreme distractibility