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Florida Physicians Closer To Medical Malpractice Bill

  The Florida Medical Association is one step closer to passing a medical malpractice bill after it was approved by the Senate Rules Committee on Tuesday . The American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Medical malpractice reform initiatives are alive and well! This bill would change criteria on who can testify for or against a physician in a medical malpractice case. It is a short but interesting piece of information. #legalnurse See on www.dougbeam.com


Their Death Will Never Be In Vain

AIHCP Takes Today To Remember Our Fallen On 911   AIHCP would like to offer its prayers and love to the families who lost loved ones in the 911 attack over ten years ago.  We pray for those who suffered from the crash in PA, the assault in NYC and the strike upon DC. On this solemn anniversary, we pray for the living and the dead who experienced this assault on our country.   We also would like to give thanks to those who offered their lives in defense of our country after this assault.  Your efforts and sacrifices will not