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Case Management Education: Medical Audits: What You Need To Know To Survive One

Case Management Education: Medical Audits: What You Need To Know To Survive One

  Introduction to medical audits and why they exist Medical audits can help a medical practice objectively review its employees’ practices of diagnosis, billing, consumption of materials, and time usage. These are all components of quality medical care and profitable operations, and must be balanced for the good of the practice. It is possible to discover weaknesses in a medical practices procedures and care before that weakness is able to be discerned by actual patients or their care through the findings of a diligent medical audit.   Why medical audits are needed To ensure profitability of a medical practice, the


Order amidst chaos

Order amidst chaos

  After the Boston Marathon bombings, Boston’s nurses implemented well-rehearsed disaster plans. In the days that followed, they found their plans helped save victims. But the nurses continue to fine-tune their disaster plans. Source: news.nurse.com Management of a hospital regarding human resources is key for a disaster.  This article looks at disaster plans and in particular how hospitals reacted to the Boston Marathon Bombing. If you are interested in Case Management Education, then please review our program and see if it matches your educational and professional needs #casemanagementeducation