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Christian Grief Counseling Program Article on Christianity and Grief

Christian Grief Counseling Program Article on Christianity and Grief

Good article about how Christian hope can the grieving see that grief and loss are only temporary.  This is the nature of Christianity and its view of suffering. It does not seek to escape grief, but embrace knowing that it is only temporary and has merit on this earth Please also review our Grief Counseling Program, as well as our Christian Grief Counseling Program The article, Christian faith creates hope that alters grief, by Very Rev. John D. Payne states, “An aerial view of Egypt might shed some light on the ancient Egyptian fixation with death. Running the length of


Christian Suffering and Survivor Grief

Ultimate paradigm of Christian suffering and traumatic grief

Christian Suffering and Facing Traumatic Events The deep emotional scars of survival from a traumatic event of terrorism, plague, natural disaster, or war can be devastating to the human soul. Such evil and mass death can cripple the person from properly healing and continuing one’s life story. While Christian grief looks at such events within the prism of God’s love and how his love can shine through the evils of men and the natural sufferings of the world, one cannot elevate this suffering to new heights until the human psyche is healed. Traumatic and    complicated grief is the end result