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Christian Healing and Traumatic Grief

Christian Healing and Traumatic Grief

 The Healing Touch of Christ and Christian Therapy Christian Therapy is very important with traumatic grief. Traumatic grief involves a loss of great extreme psychological scaring. Usually the loss involves a catastrophe or is sudden or extreme in some measure. While psychological counseling and medication is usually needed in these cases, one cannot dismiss the healing touch of Christ. Christ alone can heal the broken and infirm and through his love all loss can be healed. Without a solid foundation in Christ, the ultimate goal of counseling is barren because it does not address the spiritual healing of the soul


Christian Grief and the Effects of Traumatic Grief on Society

The realization of death

Courses in Christian Grief Counseling: Effects of Traumatic Grief on Society In the previous article we discussed what traumatic grief is and how it affects the survivor. We utilized Lifton’s five major themes that correspond with traumatic grief. In this segment, we will analyze the recovery procedures for people of traumatic grief. We will also include Christian principles that can heal the wounds of traumatic loss and grief. The first step involves understanding the nature of the trauma. The trauma is so severe that it has   brought one to the jaws of death. The realization that death is inevitable and