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Drug Abuse Counseling: Internet Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse Counseling: Internet Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse Counseling is a key element in helping abusers stay clean and off of drugs.   This is why learning of potential threats to their patients is very important to drug abuse counselors.   One such threat is the internet.   A study has shown that the internet is making it easier for users to feed their designer drug habits.    One of the reasons for this is because it helps to glamorize these designer drugs.   Another reason is designer drugs are a “Fast Pleasure” and they are easily mixed with alcohol when at a night club setting.    For more information on this


Why Do Veterans Need Drug Abuse Counseling?

Substance abuse and drug abuse counseling is a needed service in any community.  It affects everyone, especially our war veterans.   Alcohol and drug abuse continues to be a major problem with our vets returning home from war.   How can we help them?   An article has more on this issue. From – lawfirmnewswire.com Do Our Veterans Need Better Drug Abuse Counseling? The National Household Survey on Drug Abuse found that alcohol use remains high for the 30 million veterans in the U.S. Twenty-three percent of male veterans admit to regularly binge drinking, as do 14 percent female veterans. According to data