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Grief Counseling Topics: Near Death Experiences (NDE)

Grief Counseling: An Indepth Overview of Near-Death Experiences (NDE) With the advent of New Age, spiritual awakening has become the societal norm, with more and more cultures embracing the concept of alternative consciousness, in a bid to attain enlightenment and personal growth. One common spiritual phenomena reported widely since the last few decades is near death experience (NDE).   What Exactly Is a NDE? A near death experience, abbreviated as NDE is a transcendental experience unique to an individual, which typically takes place just after a near brush with death. In a near-death episode, the person is either in coma(


Anxiety: A New Phase of Grief?

Anxiety: A New Phase of Grief?

Grief Counseling Perspectives and Grief Counseling Certifications We have learned that no one single philosophy on grief is conclusive in understanding the process of grieving.  Grief counseling as a science is continually evolving to new ideas that adapt or reshape older ones. Claire Smith of Slate questions some of the older paradigms in her article “The Five Stages of Grief Should Be Changed”.  She feels anxiety is an important emotion that should be studied and considered by grief counselors. When Elisabeth Kübler-Ross debuted the five stages of grief in her book On Death and Dying, published in 1969, they were