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Women promise new tide for health IT | Healthcare IT News

Women promise new tide for health IT | Healthcare IT News

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: In a new study the health care info tech field shows a promising new tide for women in Health IT.    Normally a field dominated by men, Health Care IT is taking big steps into increase the number of women in the field. Regardless of your gender, you will still need the training and talents to make a big difference in the healthcare IT field.   That being said now is the time to take a look at programs in Healthcare IT.    There are many quality programs available online. This article has more on the subject.


Health IT and Digital Forensics

Health IT and Digital Forensics

Ever wonder what happens after a health IT company has a data breach or gets hacked?  Digital forensics is a term used to describe the process.   Programmers create a clear path from when the hack occurred, who was the hacker, and how they can best describe it to the court if needed.   With the growing use of electronic records in the health care information technology field, a need in cyber security and investigations will grow as well.   For a detailed article on this subject: By Joseph Goedert From Health Date Management Health IT and Digital Forensics When a health care