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Expert: Healthcare Technology is Lagging Behind

Expert: Healthcare Technology is Lagging Behind

Healthcare Technology American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Healthcare Technology is a rapidly growing field.   It might be growing too rapidly.   Without professionals who have received proper Health IT training, it will start lagging behind due to lack of qualified workers.    This article is pointing this problem out. It is important with any growing industry to have quality trained individuals to continue its success.   With young minds comes innovative ideas.   These ideas keep healthcare IT fresh and up to date. If you would like to get into the Healthcare Technology field then please visit us here: Health IT Courses. See


New Advances in Healthcare Technology:

New Advances in Healthcare Technology:

Modern healthcare technology in recent years has made great strides.  Health care technology is responsible for people living longer, people surviving deadly diseases, etc.  Now health care IT professionals have found a way for paralyzed patients to start doing things for themselves.    The latest in health technology has invented a way for a paralyzed woman to use her mind to move a robotic arm to get herself a drink.   For the story please read below: By Julie Steenhuysen From NewsDaily.com New Advances in Healthcare Technology: Using just her thoughts, a 58-year-old paralyzed woman instructed a robotic arm to grasp