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How Mindfulness Meditation Stops Our Smoking

  American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Want to Quit Smoking?  Try Mindfulness Meditation. A new article suggests that meditation stops smoking.    With their meditation training called integrative body mind training or IBMT, you can use meditation to break your smoking habit.   It is because this form of mindfulness meditation promotes self control.   By train your mind, you can learn to break bad habits.   Over eating, smoking and internet addictions are just a few that you can break with daily meditation and healthy mental mind relaxation. See on around.uoregon.edu


Mindfulness Meditation with Children?

Mindfulness Meditation with Children?

Mindfulness meditation is an excellent way to learn to relax and reduce stress.   Adults use mindfulness to reduce stress and strip away anxiety from their busy lives.   Could the same be used by children to help them relax as well?   Meditation for children is not a new concept.   It has been practiced in some cultures for years.    What is new, is the knowledge that if done in a classroom setting it has been shown to reduce depression, anxiety, and levels of stress in school children.   This in turn will have a positive affect on grades as well.   Because a relaxed


Learn to Meditate with Congressman Ryan

Learn to Meditate Congressman Tim Ryan (D-Oh) insists that meditation is the answer! An expert in mindfulness meditation, the Congressman has written a new book that has just recently been released by Hay House publishers. The book is a real eye-opener for those who have little knowledge and experience in the practice of mindfulness. The Congressman’s quest is to introduce mindfulness into our schools, our work places, etc., thus creating a more mindful and peaceful nation. This article is highly recommended, as well as the accompanying video. Politico By: Patrick Gavin Rep. Tim Ryan may have once been a typical


What is Mindfulness Meditation? – Find The Answer.

What is Mindfulness Meditation? – Find The Answer.

Mindfulness Meditation There are huge chances of coming across the term “mindfulness meditation” if a person is a regular follower of health magazines or health journals. People who are not acquainted with this term may ask, what is mindfulness meditation? To answer this question in a proper manner one has to first explain what meditation is and then explain what is mindfulness. The practice of meditation involves sitting in a quiet place and spending some time focusing on any particular thing. In mindfulness meditation a person has to focus or concentrate on the working of his mind. Mindfulness means to