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Nursing Patient Education News – Tracking Medical Records

Delicate Info: How Can Patients Track Their Medical Records for Better Health? By – Rachelle Wilber¬† Topic – Nursing Patient Education Doctors usually have too many patients to keep a close eye on any individual’s medical records over time. Rather than relying on your doctor to track your records for better health, you can do it yourself. These four options provide you with different solutions to tracking your medical records and improving your overall health. Personal Health Binders Setting up your own personal health binder is a simple process and does not require the use of any technology. Choose a


5 Ways Nursing Patient Education Can Reduce Readmissions

5 Ways Nursing Patient Education Can Reduce Readmissions

Founder and CEO, Robert Herzog of eCaring describes how healthcare providers can reduce costly hospital readmissions to avoid costly medicare penalties. American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: Great article! Good nursing patient education advice. It all hinges on good patient education. Recommended read for anyone in the hospital management field.¬† To learn more about patient teaching, click here: patient education courses See on www.hitconsultant.net