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Pastoral Care: Burnout

Pastoral Care: Burnout

Pastoral Care and Burnout So many times, Pastoral Care can lead to burnout for ministers and other caregivers who attend to the mind, body and spirit of others.    Just like any field, stress can lead to burnout.  In the pastoral thanatology field many depend on the counselor to help them.   Try following this article to help you if you are feeling burnt out. Paul Vitello of the NY Times writes about pastoral burnout and the importance of relaxation for pastoral care givers in his article “Taking a Break From the Lord’s Work” To read the article, please click here If


Patient Assisted Suicide Possibly in Massachusetts

Patient Assisted Suicide Possibly in Massachusetts

Pastoral Care Givers and Assisted Suicide in Massachusetts   The issue of Patient Assisted Suicide became a national controvery when Oregon first passed a bill that allowed it in the late 90s.  Now Massachusetts is proposing a similar bill.  Many people may support this idea but there are many Pastoral Care Givers who oppose it.  In the article below from Lifenews.com, the concerns regarding this bill are analyzed. Dr. Jacqueline Harvery writes on Patient Assisted Suicide in her article “Massachusetts’ Assisted Suicide Proposal: Concerns on Question 2” and how it may not be beneficial to those of the state. The