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How we face the last stage of life

How we face the last stage of life

When told that she would be serving her internship at FairHoPe, a nursing student wasn’t too thrilled. She said when she first found out where her assignment would be many thoughts ran through her mind. And none of them were good. Source: www.logandaily.com Good article about how we will face the last stage of our life.  Will death be viewed as a medical event or a natural and spiritual event?  Where do we wish to die if it is in our hands?  The home or the hospital? If you are interested in Pastoral Care courses for the dying, then please


Pastoral Care Courses Help You Deal With Dying.

Pastoral Care Courses Help You Deal With Dying.

Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan has joined a number of medical centers around the country in creating a special emergency room for geriatric patients. American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight: This is a good idea for elderly who need special needs in an emergency room setting.  Pastoral Care and Thanatology issues are definitely applied here for the elderly.   See on www.nytimes.com