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Who Cares About the Pastoral Caregivers?

Who Cares About the Pastoral Caregivers?

Pastoral Care for the One Who Cares the Most My grandmother cared tirelessly for my grandfather and as his health gradually deterioated he became more needy in his everyday activities.  Fortunately for my grandfather, my grandmother was a nurse and knew how to care for someone who was gradually becoming less and less physically capable.  Her energy level was amazing and my grandfather through the final two surgeries received top notch care and affection.  After my grandfather’s eventual death, my grandmother finally slowed down some herself, almost as if her body knew she no longer was needed everyday.   Still alive, still moving, but now with a cane,


Pastoral Care and Use of Advance Directives

Pastoral Care and Use of Advance Directives

Pastoral Care Giving and Advance Directives It is important in Pastoral Care to also ensure that the needs of the dying patient are met in full.  This not only involves physical and spiritual support but also helping one fulfill their end desires for themselves or family.  Advance Directives are essential elements in knowing exactly what the dying patient would want or wish if he/she is unconscious or unresponsive in his/her final hours. An Advance Medicial Directive can solve many problems in regards to who takes charger in an event if the person loses consciousness.  It also lays out groundwork for care givers and medicial providers to