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Kubler Ross: Pastoral Training

Kubler Ross: Pastoral Training

Pastoral Care and the Psychology of the Patient Kubler Ross, the great pioneer in the study of dying looked at death and dying from a socialogical prism.  Her natural compassion and sympathy for the patient pushed her to great insight in regards to treatment of the patient and care of the “person”.  Within the Pastoral Care field, I think it is important, especially for those in pastoral care within the hospital setting, to study her research regarding the pyschology of the patient within the hosptial. One of the first obersevations is how the patient or person feels upon being admitted into


Are Pastoral Counselors Effected By Your Own Fears of Death?

Are Pastoral Counselors Effected By Your Own Fears of Death?

Medical Caregivers and Their Own Preconceived Notions About Death   In counseling it is always taught to keep one’s own preconceived notions or past out of the objective judgement during a session with a patient.  The same should hold true for medical caregivers.  This represents a large portion of doctors, nurses, social workers and even pastoral counselors. While counselors and social workers recognize the psychology behind death, many doctors are not trained in emotional caregiving.  They tend to not treat the emotional symptoms but only the physical ones.  Treating the disease overtakes treating the wholeness of the human person. With these things in