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Nursing Patient Education News – Tracking Medical Records

Delicate Info: How Can Patients Track Their Medical Records for Better Health? By – Rachelle Wilber  Topic – Nursing Patient Education Doctors usually have too many patients to keep a close eye on any individual’s medical records over time. Rather than relying on your doctor to track your records for better health, you can do it yourself. These four options provide you with different solutions to tracking your medical records and improving your overall health. Personal Health Binders Setting up your own personal health binder is a simple process and does not require the use of any technology. Choose a


Patient Education and How It Can Help With Compliance.

With the size of the medical community these days, patient education is a very important process.   Having a well educated nursing staff is key to being able to education the patient on their medical procedures.   Nurse educators are able to educate patients and nurses.   This makes nursing education a growing field in nursing.   For more on the importance of patient education please read below. By – Dr. Jodi DeMarco From – beckershospitalreview.com Patient Education And Why It Is Important. The hospital, Ms. Peacock adds, is partnering with two outpatient facilities to continue their educational outreach effort after patients go home,


Your Patient Needs Patient Education

Your Patient Needs Patient Education

Your Patient Needs Patient Education Within the role of a Nurse-patient educator, a nurse can find herself or himself teaching a patient about a particular illness and what that person must do to recover or prevent relapses from occurring. However, there is a lot of emphasis as well on disease prevention and health promotion. Nurse Patient educators have a unique opportunity to take health promotion and disease prevention to patients and a variety of other audiences such as schools and community agencies. They frequently work with patients individually and prepare an education needs plan based on patient assessment. They conduct


New concept in patient education

Patient education is never an easy task.   They will always forget something and we all hope that it is not something important.   Faced with this challenge nurse educators are always looking for better ways to educate patients.   Fran London has an interesting technique called “Teach Back” in an article from Nurse Together. Teach Back and How it can Improve Patient Education Teach back is not an anxiety-producing test or a pop quiz, but a caring conversation. And there are many ways to do it. You can ask the learner how he or she would describe the diagnosis and treatment to