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Cultural Diversity in Care Giving

Cultural Diversity in Care Giving

Caregivers Need to be Culturally Sensative to Their Patient’s Needs As the world has become smaller, interaction with other creeds, cultures and races has become more prevelant in all aspects of life.  Caregiving is no exception as doctors, nurses, pastoral counselors and other caregivers find themselves in direct contact with different cultures who demand and deserve certain care. Within the area of grief, it is essential, according to John Bowlby, that we understand cross-cultural ideals, especially in grief to better provide the vital care patients need.  Rituals, mourning, and family interaction varies from culture to culture and  health care providers need to respect these particular cultures in their


Who Cares About the Pastoral Caregivers?

Who Cares About the Pastoral Caregivers?

Pastoral Care for the One Who Cares the Most My grandmother cared tirelessly for my grandfather and as his health gradually deterioated he became more needy in his everyday activities.  Fortunately for my grandfather, my grandmother was a nurse and knew how to care for someone who was gradually becoming less and less physically capable.  Her energy level was amazing and my grandfather through the final two surgeries received top notch care and affection.  After my grandfather’s eventual death, my grandmother finally slowed down some herself, almost as if her body knew she no longer was needed everyday.   Still alive, still moving, but now with a cane,