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Internet Grief Support

Internet Grief Support

Obviously, we are big proponents of grief support on the internet…because WYG offers grief support on the internet, keep up people. Although the world of internet grief support is relatively new and evolving, in general we’ve found that online and social media platforms offer an amazing way for people to find support at their own pace, … Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.whatsyourgrief.com A look at some of the benefits of online grief support.  Social media and resources of the net can be of great benefit, but this article also points out the negatives as well as the positives. If you would


Program in Grief Counseling: Using Art As A Positive Way to Channel Grief

Program in Grief Counseling: Overcoming Grief Through Artistic Channels One of the ways people overcome grief and adapt to the new loss is through channeling the sadness into creation and positive memorials of the loss.  Rituals, memorials and other forms of positive commeration are all ways people cope with grief.  Art is no different and is also a healthy way to express grief.  The story below is about a man who used art to overcome grief Lou Fancher in “East County Times” writes about the inspiring story of Guy Combes in his article, “Antiohc Artist Turns Grief Into Inspiration” The


Program in Grief Counseling: Veterans Day and Offshore Memorials

Program in Grief Counseling: Veterans Day and Offshore Memorials

Grief and Memorials of Our Lost Brothers Overseas The grief of never having a father, brother, friend or even now, mother or sister never return home from war is a frightening thought.  While most come home, many memorials in Europe and around the world hold the sacred remains of brave Americans who fought overseas during WWI and beyond.  Thousands of our fallen rest in these offshore locations where their sacrifice for America and the rest of the world is remembered with honor.   Grief counselors should encourage the visiting of these sites for those who still experience the pain of unresolved grief of no


Grief and the Program in Grief Counseling

Grief is an emotion that is extremely important. It is a natural emotion to loss or suffering. It is beneficial because it allows the mind to heal and adjust. It also allows others to understand the pain one is experiencing. Yet the loss of someone or something is far from beneficial. Grief merely as a reaction helps one overcome the loss and readjust. Grief comes in many forms and types of reactions. Some reactions are normal while other trajectories lead one down a road of complications. These types of grief can be concomitant, delayed, masked, extreme or result in depression.


American Academy of Grief Counseling and Program in Grief Counseling

Program in Grief Counseling Thank you for visiting our AIHCP web blog. This category of the blog focuses on the specialty practice of Grief Counseling. Our blog provides our visitors and professional members and students an ever expanding platform for related articles, information, discussions, event announcements and much more. We invite your participation by posting comments, information, sharing and authoring for our blog. Please visit us often and be sure to book mark us! In the meantime, please review our program in Grief Counseling and see if it matches your educational and academic needs.