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Tag: st. camillus of lellis


St. Camillus, Patron of Physicians, Pastoral Caregivers

St. Camillus, Patron of Physicians, Pastoral Caregivers

A Saint for Pastoral Caregivers to Model Themselves After St. Camillus of Lellis was born in 1550, oringally a soldier only to become a pastoral caregiver to the sick and wounded of war.  This saint founded the The Order of the Camillans who assisted at battlefields, served in hospitals, and went out to the streets to care for the sick. The Order of the Camillans to this day is the symbol of the red cross as it spreads its sacred mission to find Christ in the least of one’s brethren.  The Order’s comittment is so strong that they even take a fourth vow.  This vow states