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Substance Abuse Counseling Must Also Be Spiritual

Substance Abuse Counseling Must Also Be Spiritual

Substance Abuse Counseling must also be Spiritual Counseling too Substance Abuse is more than just a physical analysis of the body and its dependency on a drug.  It is even more than a psychological issue.  The reality is that when one is treating someone for a dependency on a drug, one must treat the unique wholeness of that individual.  This is where Christian Counseling or even merely Spiritual Counseling comes into contact with Substance Abuse Counseling. From a more theological perspective, one must go beyond the physical and psychological manifestations of addiction but also see the spiritual elements that are


Substance Abuse Counseling Made Easy

My sister had to face the fact that she could not stop drinking on her own. It was affecting all areas of her life. She was on the verge of losing everything. Her boss gave her an ultimatum. She agreed to sign up for Substance Abuse Counseling. She made an appointment, and she was given a test. She said the test asked questions about her drinking and social habits. It also had a portion on it that asked for her to state how strongly she agreed with certain statements. Based on the information she provided, they decided she was a