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Christian Family and the Special Role of the Woman

Christian Family and the Special Role of the Woman

Role of Women in the Christian Family Society has imprinted many roles of women in marriage.  Even evolutionary theory has   speculated about the natural need a woman has for protection and in turn the care she supplies and returns to the man.  Christian marriage and the structure of the Christian family does not reflect social and biological roles but concerns itself more with the roles a woman plays from a spiritual aspect.  Secular roles and obligations differ with traditions and time, but Christian ideals are constant since they reflect the values of Christ. Christian counseling needs to emphasize the proper


Near Death Experiences and Christian Counseling

An illustration of the Highest Heaven and NDE

  While far from a scientist but always a philosopher and theologian first, I would like to attempt to open dialogue and raise questions regarding the purpose of the brain and its relation to the body and the soul. I would also like to discuss issues of Near Death Experience as legitimate functions of the soul or merely physical reactions within the brain.  While this is not completely a discussion found in Christian Counseling Courses, it still nevertheless  an interesting theological subject relevant to Christian theology. Secularists have attacked the nature of the soul, memory, and feelings as natural chemical