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Teen Drug Abuse and What you can do!

Substance Abuse Counseling and Detecting Teen Drug Abuse

Is Your Teen Abusing Drugs?

Is Your Teen Abusing Drugs?

Substance Abuse Counseling and its counselors can detect teen drug abuse through various signs.  In the article below are listed eight tips to see if your teen is possibly abusing drugs.

Sair Harrar of Philly.com writes about ways parents can detect or be better prepared to prevent their teens from falling into substance abuse.  In her article, “Teen Prescription Drug Abuse: 8 Tips for Parents” she outlines suggestions from a family who dealt with their teen and his drug abuse.

Previous posts told the story of Tim Rader, a high school football star from Ashland, Pa., who became addicted to prescription pain pills while undergoing cancer treatment at age 17. He is now in recovery after a 10-year battle with addiction. Yesterday his parents, Lou and Patty Rader, talked about their own struggle as their son sunk into addiction.

Today: The Raders offer their advice to parents about the steps that can help protect teens.

“Our society kind of thinks of drinking and even drugs as a rite of passage or a phase for older teens and kids in their 20s. But that attitude has to change,” Tim Rader says. “Yes, not everyone will become addicted. But we don’t know who will. If your teen picks up a mind-altering chemical, she or he is a candidate [for addiction]. And they’re picking them up at places that would surprise you– at school, at parties, from friends, from your own medicine cabinet. The risk is so real that it just makes sense to stack the deck in your family’s favor.”

Steps that can help:

To read the entire article, please click here

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