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The Impact of Healthcare IT

healthcare IT is shrinking the planet

Healthcare IT is shrinking the planet and bringing doctors and patients closer together!

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American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

How Healthcare IT is Impacting Our Healthcare System.

Technology is having a large impact on every area of our daily lives.   The healthcare field is no different.   Healthcare IT is quickly digitizing our medical records and giving doctors access to information around the world.   Health IT news travels quickly, however how big of an impact is health information technology having on our healthcare system?

In order to measure the impact that Healthcare IT is having on the system as a whole, we first must look at what exactly health IT does.   This questions can be answered in one word, logistics.   The internet and digital networking has removed vast gaps in between patients and doctors.    Soon to be gone are the days of paper files.   They are now replaced with touch pads that has your medical history literally at your doctor’s finger tips.   These electronic files can be shared between doctors as well.   No more “we will send for your file”.   Now that can be accomplished via e-mail.   These advances have brought the medical field closer and can allow better treatment for patients.

With the growing healthcare it field, many primary care doctors are rushing to implement these new technologies.   This is causing a large need for healthcare IT education.    As doctors rush to become compliance with the new system, a new job market is opening up for information technology professionals.    Health IT jobs are growing and not expected to stop growing any time soon.    Perhaps this is a field you might be interested in joining from the ground up?   Courses in Health IT are available online and they can lead to healthcare it certifications needed to security these new jobs.   Again if you are interested please check out our site.



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