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The Secret to Success in Christian counseling and Pastoral Counseling

Success in Christian Counseling is about understanding it is a vocation first.

Success in Christian Counseling is about understanding it is a vocation first.

Though his instructions may not fill a conference schedule or provide an eight-session video series, it is expert advice from God the Spirit through Paul.

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

The secret to success in Christian counseling and pastoral ministry lies first in prayer.  This article lays out a few others to help the minister or counselor continue on their journey and vocation.  Prayer is key, but also understanding that Christian Counseling is a vocation first and foremost. Success in Christian Counseling can be yours but your spiritual life must be in the right place to succeed.

If you are interesting in learning more about Christian Counseling, then please review our program.  Qualified professionals who complete the program become eligible for certification as a Christian Counselor.

Recertification takes place in three years.  The certified Christian Counselor must show proof of Fifty hours of continuing education and Five Hundred hours of counseling service which can also include academic studies.

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