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The United Nations International Pilgrm Virgin to Visit the Valley

The United Nations International Pilgrim Virgin Statue to Visit the Warren and  Youngstown Area

Sculpted by Jose Thedein, the Michaelangelo of Portugal, this statue is one of four that represent Fatima

Sculpted by Jose Thedein, the Michaelangelo of Portugal, this statue is one of four that represent Fatima

The United Nations International Pilgrim Virgin Statue will be visiting Northeast Ohio from August 15th to August 19th, 2012.   We encourage those within the Valley to take advantage to see this famous statue of the Blessed Mother.  Whether Protestant or Catholic, devotion to Jesus’ mother is a beautiful thing.  Many Protestants fear the veneration of images, but this is merely veneration of what the statue represents–as a photo of one’s own mother.   Also this does not include in any shape or form adoration of the statue or of Mary but merely respect.  Worship goes to God alone.

Certified Spiritual Christian counselors, ministers, priests, religious, and grass root organizers should take advantage of this visit and learn of the mysteries of Fatima.

What is Fatima?

Fatima is an approved apparition of Our Lady to the three children in 1917.  In it she expressed sorrow over the sins of the world that offend her son and the importance of prayer, especially the rosary.  She foretold that if people did not change their ways that another great war would come (WWII) and that Russia would later spread her errors across the world (Cold War).


The children of Fatima

The children of Fatima

The statue in question was sculpted by Jose Thedein at the guidance of Sister Lucia (one of the three children).  This particular statue is one of the four he sculpted and was blessed by Pope Pius XII in 1947.

This particular statue, while not as famous as her sister, the Pilgrim Virgin Statue, nonetheless has had miraculous cures associated with it.

If you desire to come and pray with us, please come and join us at the following locations.

St. Anne’s Byzantine Catholic Church (August 15th-8 AM to 11 PM.  Liturgy at 11 AM.)

St. Elizabeth Anne Seton, formerly St. James (August 16th-8:30 AM to 5 PM. Mass upon arrival)

Franciscan Friars Shrine of Our Lady ( August 17th -8 AM to 3 PM. Mass upon arrival)

St. Peter’s of the Field (August 18th- 10 AM to 6 PM.  Mass at 4 PM)

St. Columba Catherdral (August 19th-10 AM to 5 PM.  Mass at 10 AM and 4 PM)

For more information call Katie Moran of the Blue Army at 330-652-4923 or email her at ihm51@neo.rr.com

Come and visit with our Lady

Come and visit with our Lady

This is an excellent opportunity for people of various denominations to find common ground in veneration of their heavenly mother.  As baptized members of the Church, she is all our mother.


Mark Moran, MA-GC-C, SCC-C




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