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Uses for Clinical Hypnotherapy in Chronic Anxiety

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Can Clinical Hypnotherapy help treat anxiety?


Q: Is hypnotherapy effective for generalized anxiety and panic disorders?

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

How Clinical Hypnotherapy Can Be An Effective Treatment for Anxiety

We have all asked the question is hypnotherapy effectiveDoes hypnosis actually work?   The answer is yes.   Hypnotherapy is an effective way to help you sooth anxiety, deal with life problems and stop bad habits.

How hypnotherapy works is simple, it uses your subconscious to alter your perceptions.   These perceptions could be fears, addictions, thought processes, etc.    Once the clinical hypnotherapist has put you under, they cannot control you but simply make suggestions.    These suggestions however stay in your subconscious mind and allow you to overcome your problems.

Hypnotherapy is not for everyone.   Clinical hypnotherapists say about 10% of the population cannot be hypnotized.   They go on to state that another 10% can easily become hypnotized.    This is a trait known as “hypnotizability“.    While the majority of people can enter light to moderate hypnotic states.

One thing to know about hypnotherapy before you state it, hypnosis will not be an instant cure for your anxiety and fears.   It can help you learn to overcome your triggers of anxiety but it will not completely remove your fear.   That is something you will still need to defeat on your own.

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