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Who Can Join a Care Management Program?

       It takes many different departments, thus many different specialties, to run a medical institution. One of these specialties involve care management that takes care of legal issues, professional practice issues, reimbursements and operating the 

Enter into the field of care management
Enter into the field of care management

systems of the facility. In order to become a management care specialist, then you need to enroll in a continuing education course, which provides instructions on the theories involved in management care. These courses can be taken online, allowing you to expand your skill set without sacrificing time for your profession. Prior experience in the specialty can also be considered, so you don’t have to attend classes again. After you pass the course, you can then take the exam to be accepted in a fellowship program for the specialty. Those who can take up case management as a specialty are registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, licensed social workers, or licensed health care professionals who have worked in management care in at least a year.

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