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Working with the Subconscious Via Hypnosis

Working with the Subconscious Via Hypnosis

a doctor with a patient under hypnosis

Hypnosis can help doctors treat mental conditions.

One of the primary goals of hypnosis is to reinforce positive habits over negative ones. While smoking and weight loss are usually the primary requests by clients for hypnosis, one will discover that hypnosis is also used for a variety of other mental maladies. Such conditions include obsessive-compulsive behaviors and various phobias such as a fear or heights, surgery or spiders. The purpose is to calm the inner workings of the mind and reprogram the subconscious to new suggestive behaviors. The key to effectiveness in hypnosis is the quality and depth of hypnotic trance. Those with hypnosis certification are most qualified to work with and induce the trance state in clients. The hypnotist must be highly trained and skilled in working with clients in trance. The American College of Hypnotherapy offers courses in hypnosis training for qualified candidates who wish to learn this treatment modality. If you are interested in becoming certified in hypnosis, you may review the materials at The American College of Hypnotherapy and ascertain if the course work and certification correlates with your professional goals and aspirations.

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