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Your Patient Needs Patient Education

Your Patient Needs Patient Education

Two nurses talking to a patient in a wheel chair

Nurse Patient Education is an important part of health care!

Within the role of a Nurse-patient educator, a nurse can find herself or himself teaching a patient about a particular illness and what that person must do to recover or prevent relapses from occurring. However, there is a lot of emphasis as well on disease prevention and health promotion. Nurse Patient educators have a unique opportunity to take health promotion and disease prevention to patients and a variety of other audiences such as schools and community agencies. They frequently work with patients individually and prepare an education needs plan based on patient assessment. They conduct the teaching for the patient and provide frequent follow up to assess the patient’s compliance to their treatment plan. If you have a solid understanding of teaching and a nursing background, you should consider becoming a nurse-patient educator. If qualified you can become certified in this field with the American Institute of Health Care Professionals and begin educating others about the importance of healthy living and disease prevention.

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