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How to Obtain the CE Certificate for Mental Health CE approvals From Commonwealth Educational Seminars

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We want to let you know that his course has CE approvals for Mental Health Professionals, including Social Workers, Professional Counselors, Psychologists, Marriage & Family Therapists, and Nurses. Our approvals for this course are provided by CommonWealth Educational Seminars of Massachusetts. Receiving a companion CE Certificate for mental health CE approvals is voluntary on your part. You will receive the regular CE certificate without these mental health approvals in the mail for free from AIHCP regardless.

Please see below for full details regarding the Mental Health CE Certificate.
If you are interested in receiving the CE Certificate with these approvals please follow these instructions:

  1. The cost for obtaining this CE with approvals for Mental Health Professionals is $25.00.
  2. You may order and pay for your CE Certificate online with us at: https://www.aihcp.org/pay.htm
  3. When processing your payment, in the description area, just type in CE Certificate and the Course Code for which you are applying for the Certificate, i.e., GC 400.
  4. Once we receive your payment, we will process your order and you will receive from us an email will full instructions for accessing the website at CommonWealth Educational Seminars.
  5. You will be given a unique ID Code for you that you will use at their website to obtain your CE Certificate.  You will be able to insert your unique ID Code and download your CE Certificate for your course. Your CE Certificate from Commonwealth Educational Seminars will provide for all of the Approvals as provided here in the online classroom.
  6. You may also postal mail us a check or money order payable to : AIHCP.   Be sure to include a letter indicating you are ordering the CE Certificate for (include the course title and /or course code.
  7. Please note that you must have completed the course examination with a minimum passing score of 75% as well as the course Course Evaluation to be able to receive both our CE Certificate and the CE Certificate you will be ordering from Common Wealth Educational Seminars.
  8. Please also note that you will be receive our CE certificate for this course as well (by postal mail.)
  9. If you did not take the new revised exam, the cost to retake the exam is $25.00.  This only applies if you were enrolled prior to the new exam and approval

If you have any questions, please let us know.
Thank You

Mark Moran, MA, GC-C
Assistant Executive Director