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Role of the Certified Stress Management Consultant

stress Manager Consultant Role

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Stress is a universal feeling.  It plagues humanity on all levels, whether at home, work or play.  This is why it is critical to be able to cope and manage one’s stress.  Unfortunately many cannot accomplish this task on their own and require outside assistance.   This is where the Certified Stress Management Consultant enters the scene. 

The role of this certified professional is to help and enable people to better cope with stress through a variety of strategies and counseling techniques.  Some of these techniques are preventative while others are proactive, but all aim at one goal; stress reduction. The need for qualified, certified stress management consultants and counselors is growing all of the time. So much of one's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is adversely affected by the daily stressors of life.

Services Offered

Stress Management Consultants practice with the following goals:

  • To assess the client's level of stress and assist the client in identifying major life stressors
  • To educate the client on the health risks of continued stress and the health effects of stress they currently are coping with
  • To educate the client on common stress management modalities that are available today
  • To work with the client to develop an individualized plan for managing their identified stressors
  • To incorporate holistic approaches to care modalities including those which act on body, mind and spirit
  • To implement mutually agreed upon stress management interventions for the client
  • To teach clients modalities that can be used for a life-time to manage stress more effectively
  • To assist the client in a comprehensive evaluation of effectiveness of the therapies used in the intervention treatment plan
  • To assist clients in developing healthy life styles which may be stress preventative
  • To teach clients how to better organize time
  • To utilize and teach the client meditative techniques that may help reduce their stress
  • To work with groups undergoing similar stressors
  • To work with the client's family as needed and with permission to help the client achieve stronger stress coping mechanisms
  • To refer clients, as needed, to proper mental health care services and practitioners
  • To conduct research and contribute to the ever-growing body of knowledge related to the effects of stress and the treatment of stress
  • To be current in the literature regarding stress management interventions

    The Stress Management Consultant in these ways becomes an important life coach to his or her client.  Yet, the services of a Stress Management Consultant go well beyond merely helping individuals but can also be applied to larger scales

    Stress Management Consultants can:

    Provide in-services to companies seeking to reduce their employees' stress at work

    Create & Develop Stress Relief Programs for businesses and corporations

    Serve the population at large via health centers and gyms

    Work in collaboration with other health care providers

    Work as a member of the client's medical care team

    Assist community social service programs to develop stress management services for clients

    Be an educator on stress management to the public as well as to groups of health care professionals

    Assist school systems to develop stress management programs for children

Certification in Stress Management can also be utilized in conjunction with other certified specialties practices such as:

Life Health Coaching
Spiritual Counseling
Grief Counseling
Holistic Nursing
Anger Management
Crisis Intervention
Nutrition Counseling

Stress Management Consultants can serve within a wide variety of areas and their area of specialty can filter into many other services.  With this in mind, it is an excellent certification for any Health Care Professional who is seeking to diversify his or her services to the community.

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Stress Management Consultant? If this practice specialty interests you then please review our program and feel free to speak with our advisors regarding our complete education program and courses leading to qualifications to achieve this certification.

Stress Management BLOG: Please visit our interactive Stress Management web blog. Our blog contains article, news and current events and information related to Stress Management practice in health care.

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