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The following CE Courses have provider approvals: The American Institute of Health Care Professionals Inc. is a licensed Continuing Education Provider in the State of California, Board of Registered Nursing, Provider # CEP 15595. 

  1. MINDFULNESS MEDITATION: THEORY & PRACTICE- this online course provides an in-depth review and study of more current findings and applications for "mindfulness" meditation practice. Students will study a more in-depth presentation of stress and disease states. The main focus of study will be on the methods, research, and use of "mindfulness" meditation in supporting quality physical and mental health. Students' will be provided with a comprehensive review of the process and practices of mindfulness and will achieve knowledge in this modality that can be used in teaching others to practice this type of meditation. Case studies related to the use of mindfulness meditation are also presented. Upon successful completion of this course, students are awarded 50 continuing education contact hours toward recertification. Cost: $ $150.00
    Course Code: MED 400

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  2. Relaxtion and Health - This comprehensive CE course examines Benson's Relaxation Response and goes well beyond to highlight his work years after its introduction. Students will not only re-examine the relaxation response but will also study other relaxation modalities used from a mind-body health care perspective. Students will study physiology as well as genetics as related to body- mind modalities. Study will continue with the examine of many illnesses and how body-mind modalities are being incorporated into care. Also examined are impressive outcomes related to relaxation modalities and other body-mind modalities. Students will come away with a stronger knowledge of how relaxation strategies are becoming important in overall care delivery.  Course Code: MED 415. Contract hours of education: 30 hours. Course Cost = $ 85.00   

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  3. Effective Clinical Interviewing-This CE course provides a very comprehensive overview of theories, processes and considerations when conducting a clinical interview.  Four broad areas of clinical interviewing are covered: 1. "Becoming a Mental Health Professional", 2. "Listening and Relationship Development", 3. "Structuring and Assessment" and, 4. Interviewing Special Populations."   Chapters within each area discuss research, theories, cultural issues, ethics, techniques and challenges.  Ultimately the course provides clear and practical knowledge of the clinical interview. This course prepares students with the knowledge and skills to conduct and document a high quality interview and assessment.  Upon successful completion of this course, students are awarded 50 contact hours of continuing education credits. Course Cost: $200.00 Course Code: GC 684. Continuing Education Hours = 50.

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    This course provides a comprehensive overview of the theories and concept of anger and its effective management. The authors of the course textbook are distinguished researchers, teachers and practitioners in the field of anger management, and their book offers a detailed, research-based and empirically validated "anger episode model." This indispensable resource for human service professionals emphasizes how to help clients understand, manage, and prevent unhealthy anger. Students will study methodologies for teaching and working with clients to enhance their life skills, increase problem solving and change their responses to anger. Students will achieve a comprehensive and solid understanding of the theories and concepts of anger and will acquire a comprehensive skill set of anger management strategies/interventions for clinical practice. This course has accompanying power point lectures. You must have MS Power Point software to access the lectures. Contact hours of continuing education = 65. Course Code: AM 500. Course Cost: $ 200.00

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    The AIHCP has approved the advanced, mastery counseling courses that are offered by CCMS, Inc. to be used as recetification courses for the Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification Program. You may access the full list of available courses here: CCMS



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