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The American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc., endores A full online program of continuing education courses which, when completed, qualifies for participants to apply for and receive Certification as a Certified Health Care Life Coach. life coach

To meet the requirements for Certification, all of the defined continuing education courses (204 hours of education) provided below, must be successfully completed. All of the courses are continuing education courses and are provided in online classrooms. The courses are designed as independent study courses with faculty mentoring as needed. Each course has a comprehensive final examination. Upon successful completion of all of the courses in the curriculum, you may apply for and receive the Health Care Life Coach Certification.

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Certification Information


For comprehensive information on the Certification Program: access here

Health Care Life Coaching -Continuing Education Courses

Course Fees

Below are listed the required courses for this curriculum. At the end of each course description you will find the course cost listed.

1.lc 400: Life coaching

This is a two part course.  The first examines the history and development of life coaching as something similar to yet distinct from counseling, therapy and other helping professions.  Basic as well as more advanced strategies, attitudes and approaches are described.  The development and the marketing of a coaching practice as well as the self-care of the practitioner are covered. The second part is an introduction to “mindfulness” which the author breakdowns into what they call “voices”.  Those voices include: master, partner, investigator, reflector, teacher, guide and contractor.  Finally, the coach’s responsibility in implementing a plan for their own professional development, education and ongoing training are discussed in detail.  Upon successful completion of this course, students are awarded 30 contact hours of continuing education credits. Course Code: LC 400. Course Cost: $ 150.00.

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2. LC 410: Life coaching II

This is a two part course the first part of which introduces the student to various inventories, test and other resources used in a life coaching practice.  Topics include: personal identity, developing spiritual purpose, communication skills, living life with integrity, living up to one’s potential and others.  Concepts and templates that a life coach can use in serving clients and in self-care are presented along as well.   The second part covers life coaching from a cognitive-behavioral approach showing how each compliments and enhances the other and how together they can be applied to emotional issues, problem solving, persistence and assertiveness, resilience, risk-taking, decision-making and the personal change processes.  Upon successful completion of this course, students are awarded 30 contact hours of continuing education credits. Course Code: LC 410 . COURSE COST: $150

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3. LC 420: Coaching, Mentoring & Consulting

This course is broken down into three parts.  The first explores how coaching applies to the work setting. Properly used it can help reinvent an organization promoting superior performances from all employees. Strategies, techniques, approaches and perspectives are examined to help the student navigate the workplace whether they are either in a supervisor or a front-line role. The second part examines goals, roadblocks and creative thinking as part of the coaching process and relationship.  Ways of gaining self-knowledge, taking action, giving feedback, gaining support, having influence and learning as part of the coach/client relationship are explored.  The final part examines how counselor, therapist, coach or other helping professional can most effectively deal with colleagues, coworkers and other professionals as they bring their own experience, knowledge and background into a consulting relationship.  Emphasis is on the ways and means of consulting in a way that gets heard and leads to action.  Upon successful completion of this course, students are awarded 45 contact hours of continuing education credits. Course Code: LC 420. COURSE COST: $175.00

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4. LC 500: Life coaching for nutrition I

This course presents a comprehensive study of contemporary learning in nutrition. It is designed for health professionals who educate clients in the course of their practices. Students acquire an in depth knowledge of nutrition including science and application to healthy living. Preventative health is emphasized related to all aspects of sound nutrition. The most common disease states related to poor nutrition are examined. Students will also study sound recommendations for nutrition support for clients coping with chronic disease. Physiology and related science are examined relative to bodily processes as applied to nutrients. Students will have a broad knowledge base of nutrition science and application in which to provide in depth coaching sessions with their clients. Course Code: LC 500. Contract hours of education: 50 hours. Course Fee: $ 200.00

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5. LC 510: Life coaching for nutrition II

This course continues in the study of contemporary nutrition. Students will continue to study science and physiology related to sound nutrition for good health. Various disease states will be examined as related to nutrition. Topics to be examined include; bone health, energy metabolism and blood health, obesity & healthy body weight, physical activity, eating disorders, food safety, global nutrition and nutrition through the life cycle. Students will examine current issues related to childhood obesity and nutrition for older adults. Case study for application are also examined. This course prepares students to work with a solid foundation of knowledge and apply this knowledge to client teaching and health life coaching. Course Code: LC 510. Contract hours of education: 50 hours. Course Fee: $200.00

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Subspecialty Certification

Your Certification will be conferred with a corresponding Certification in Life Coaching for Nutrition. Certified members will receive both the Certification Certificate as a Certified Health Care Life Coach and an additional Sub-Specialty Certification Certificate in Nutrition Life Coach Consulting.


Health and Wellness Consulting Subspecialty Certification

After receiving your Initial Health Care Life Coach Certification, you are eligible to enter our Health and Wellness Consulting Subspecialty Certification program. You would enter the program by enrolling into the first course in the curriculum. Upon successful completion of the three core certification courses you are eligible to apply and receive this Subspecialty Certification. For Program Details: click here

Full information on the health care life coach certification

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FUTURE HEALTH CARE LIFE COACHING: Subspecialty certification programs

The American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc. (AIHCP) will be expanding its Health Care Life Coach Certification program in the near future. Once an individual is "certified" as a Health Care Life Coach by the AIHCP, they will qualify to enter other subspecialty Certification programs in Health Care Life Coaching. Full information, along with courses for sub-specialty certification will be presented as developed.


Prerequisite to enter this education program:

1.) a registered nurse currently licensed to practice nursing, 2). a licensed social worker, 3). a health care licensed professional, 4). a health care provider with a minimum of an associate degree, 5). a licensed counselor or psychologist, 6). holds a bachelor's degree or higher in psychology, human services, or other health related field, 7). a licensed dietician, 8). a certified professional in holistic / integrative health care, 9). a health care educator, 10). a health care case manager, 11). a certified life coach.

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