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The American Academy of Case Management

"Dedicated to Continued Learning, Growth, and Achievement in Health Care Practice"

Code of Ethics for "Fellows" of the American Academy of Case Management

  1. Members adhere to all applicable Codes of Ethical Standards as prescribed by their current professional status and/or affiliated associations, including state/government licensing boards.
  2. Members provide services, teach, conduct research, supervise and/or consult only in the context and boundaries of their educational achievements and earned credentials.
  3. Members undertake ongoing efforts to maintain knowledge and skill levels in their practice specialties.
  4. Members do not discriminate with regards to their services, based on sex, age, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disabilities or socioeconomic status, or any other factors that are defined or prescribed by law.
  5. Members are responsible for maintaining knowledge and updates of laws, regulations and/or policies that are implicated in their practices and services.
  6. Members fully disclose their educational qualifications and professional credentials and certifications to their clients when asked and/or when appropriate.
  7. Members shall maintain client confidentiality as prescribed by current laws.
  8. 8. Members shall treat colleagues and other professionals and para-professionals they are working with, with the same dignity and respect they afford clients.
  9. Members shall not work with clients or provide services in any research study without first obtaining appropriate informed consent from the clients.
  10. Members shall not engage in any type of sexual relations with patients/clients.
  11. Members take the appropriate steps to ensure their own competencies in their practices and safe guard the health and safety of clients.
  12. Members fully disclose all fees for services to clients, prior to carrying out those services (when in independent practice).
  13. Members respect each client's rights to self-development and self-direction.
  14. Members respect each client's rights of choice, including responsibilities for goals reached, as long as the client's choices do not cause harm to self or others.
  15. Members function as supervisors to supervisees only to the level of competency defined by their training, education, credentialing and other applicable professional standards.
  16. Members seek out consultation and guidance when dealing with any ethical/legal concerns and/or dilemmas related to their practices and services.
  17. Members do not practice medical diagnosis, unless the member holds a legal and valid license for medical diagnosis.
  18. Members do not abandon or neglect clients in any way, and they assist clients in proper referrals to other professionals and/or needed continued care or services when necessitated and/or indicated.
  19. Members do not provide services that create conflicts of interest or where conflicts of interest may likely become an issue.
  20. Members do not offer or accept kickbacks, rebates, bonuses or other remunerations for client referrals.

Note: the word "client" as above, specifically refers to a client as patient receiving case management services, unless otherwise indicated.

3-04: As developed and approved by the Advisory Board of the American Academy of Case Management.