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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)/Meridian Energy Tapping Practitioner Certification


Frequently asked Questions and Responses (FAQs)

eft meridian tapping

Welcome to the FAQs section for the EFT/Meridian Energy Health Tapping Practitioner Certification. This area is provided to you as a source of information that may be more clarified, related to questions you may have in regards to our certification program. Information regarding recertification, as well as information about our online continuing education courses, is also provided. We highly recommend that you first thoroughly review all of the information on our website, under the main page for EFT/Meridian Energy Health Tapping Practitioner Certification Program: Access main page.

If after reviewing all of the provided information and this FAQs section, any other questions may be addressed by completing our request for information form online (access info form). Thank you for your interest in our Certification Program.


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What is Certification?

Response: certification is a voluntary process, which is provided by a well organized organization, that through its qualified advisory boards, develops comprehensive and quality standards for the practice of a type of specialty. The developed standards address high quality requirements for the practice of a certain specialty. The defined standards speak to educational and/or practice requirements, any required prerequisites, and the need to adhere to a defined code of ethics for the practice specialty. Certification is a voluntary process. It is different than any type of licensing. Certification is one means by which professionals may be publicly recognized as achieving a high level of education, knowledge base and practice skills for a certain healthcare related specialty. Certification also assists employer organizations and clients in their assessment of appropriate qualifications for candidates seeking positions in organizations and/or involved in private practices. It is commonly held, today, that certification by a very well organized professional organization, is fast becoming a "gold standard" for specialty practices. Certification testifies and provides a verification of defined educational requirements, adherence to a solid code of ethics, and in many instances prerequisites of practice experience for the practice of the Emotional Freedom Technique and Meridian Energy Health Tapping.

What are the criteria/standards I will need to meet to achieve certification?

Response: The educational criteria and standards are well and clearly defined within our website. Please access our main page to preview these requirements. access here

May I apply for and be conferred certification if I have been practicing as an EFT Practitioner in a clinical setting or private practice with out they need to meet the educational requirements of your program?

Response: No. The Board that oversees the development and approval of defined criteria and standards for certification will not consider only practice experience as meeting requirements in full. This decision was made as those who are already in consulting practices have varied and different experiences related to EFT and Meridian Tapping practices and instruction and there is no insured uniformity that all who have practiced EFT and Meridian Tapping have the same knowledge base and skills attainment. The evaluation of one's past practice experience in EFT/Meridian Tapping is highly variable and subjective. As such, the Board has developed objective criteria/standards for the conferral of certification. For these reasons, practice experience without the attainment of education will not be considered as fulfilling criteria and standards for our certification.

Over the years, I have completed many seminars and continuing education courses related to EFT/Meridian Tapping practice and interventions. Will these apply toward the education requirements for certification?

Response: No. The Board that oversees the development and approval of defined criteria and standards for certification will not consider past courses/seminars/ or trainings as meeting requirements in full. This decision was made as those who have already taken courses/trainings have done so from a wide a variety of organizations and trainers and the materials vary widely. Past education programs/seminars/training taken are not all equal nor standard and it is impossible to insure that the education and training were all equal. As such, the Board has developed objective criteria/standards for the conferral of certification. For these reasons, past seminars/trainings, courses can not be known to have included all of the education/training that is provided in our 134 contact hour education program. You may preview our education program curriculum here. Also, there are no reciprocities given for our Certification for those who are certified in EFT by another organization.

What is the major practice focus of a certified eft/meridian energy tapping practitioner?

Response: a Certified EFT/Meridian Energy Health Tapping Practitioner is one who is well educated and trained in energy work. They work with the body energy system in a holistic way to assist clients to re-balance their energy systems and to remove blockages within the energy system, thus re-establishing energy flow and healthier states of being. They work on the theories and premises of humans as energy beings who are seeking a homeostasis of a balanced energy system in order to experience good health in body, mind and spirit. When the energy systems are unbalanced or have blockages in the free flow of energy, poorer health states occur. A primary area of EFT and Tapping work is based on many years of work related to negative emotions and the bodys energy system. They work on the Discovery Statement by founder Gary Craig that all negative emotions are due to a disruption in the body's energy system. As such, EFT/Meridian Energy Tapping Practitioners are trained to work with many EFT/Tapping methods and protocols to assist clients in dealing with negative emotions and concomitantly removing energy blocks from the energy system and re-establishing a more free flow of the body's energy, thus bring the energy system back to hemostasis. This homeostasis results in much better health in body, mind and spirit. Again,the EFT Practitioner is working with Body Energy. They work with the clients as coaches, teachers, mentors, facilitators and more. EFT/Meridian Energy Health Tapping is a therapeutic modality on to its own with a growing body of evidence based outcomes. Practitioners also participate in demonstrating the effectiveness of EFT/Meridian Health Tapping and contribute to the fast growing body of knowledge in this specialty domain and practice.


Where do EFT/Meridian energy tapping practitioners practice?

Response: Certified EFT/Meridian Energy Health Tapping Practitioners practice in many varied settings today. More and more people everyday are seeking out information and instruction on EFT and Meridian Tapping, as a daily wellness practice. Over the past decade medical science and research has well documented the role of "stress" in creating negative health effects on the body/mind/spirit. EFT has been shown to be highly effective in assisting in the resolution of many stress related symptoms and in significantly reducing risk factors for developing stress related disease. It is fast gaining in popularity for the complimentary treatment of many emotional and mental health disorders and also as a complimentary and adjunct care modality for many physical and pain related issues as well. It is being incorporated into holistic care models and integrative medical practice models throughout the world. Many psychologist, psychiatrist, professionals counselors, social workers, mental health nurses, crisis interventionists and other health care professionals are using it very successfully in their clinical practices. As such you can see it being used in private practices, wellness clinics, in corporate stress management programs, in community social agencies, and we are seeing practitioners now going into the school systems and teaching it to school children to help them reduce stress levels. It is also being used in family and marriage counseling practices. EFT/Meridian Energy Tapping Practitioners can be found anywhere health care is being offered today.


Response: There is a two-phase process. In order to provide clear and sufficient information on the process we have developed a separate page that defines the process. You may access this information on the certification process at this link: click here.

How can I make application?

Response: You do not make application for Certification until you have successfully completed ALL of the four courses in the CE program curriculum. Once you have completed the CE courses successfully, you may then complete the Certification application and submit it for processing and conferral of your Certification. The Certification fee is $200.00 for a four-year period of Certification. It is renewable every four years as long as your meet the criteria for Recertification. To preview recertification criteria, access here.

Once I have achieved certification, must I ever be re-certified?

Response: Yes. A conferred certification has a period of 4 years. At the end of the four-year period the certification will expire. The American Institute of Health Care Professionals provides a full program for recertification. Detailed information on the criteria to be recertified, after the four-year initial certification period. Information is provided on our website. Access here.

are there prerequisites to entering this program?

Response: Yes. You must meet a pre-requisite to enter this Certification program.

  1. Applicants/candidates for certification must meet one of the following prerequisites to enter the program: is a licensed health care professional with a current and active license to practice,including an RN, Physician, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Professional Counselor, Marriage/Family Therapist, Social Worker. Others who may qualify after submitting a request for consideration to enter the program include: holds at a minimum a college level degree and specialty certifications or practice experience  in any of the following areas; psychology, human services, sociology,  behavioral health, social services, crisis intervention, grief/bereavement, hypnotherapy,  substance abuse counseling, or a similar related health care practice field. If you would like to make application to ascertain whether you would qualify to enter this certification program, you may access this Inquiry Form and following the instructions for completing and submitting it to us: access here.

Is there a time limit for completing this program?

Response: Yes. Once you enroll into the first course in the CE curriculum, EF 500, you have two full years to complete the four CE courses program. You may proceed at the pace that you desire. Our CE courses are developed as independent study courses with faculty mentoring. Each course has a comprehensive examination and the final course is a practicum course in which students will be working with subjects and writing up case studies/reports. Each course has a dedicated classroom which you may access twenty-four hours a day. There is open enrollment and you may begin your studies at anytime by enrolling into the first course in the program, EF 500.

Must I pay for all of the four courses up front at one time?

Response: NO. You register and pay for one course at a time. After you complete a course, you then move on and register for and make payment for your next course.

Do you accept students living outside of the USA?

Response: YES. We do accept students living outside of the USA. However, students are responsible for obtaining the required textbooks for the courses. You should first inquire as to whether or not you will be able to obtain the required books before enrolling into the program. All of our courses are in the English language and so full mastery of the English language is necessary to take and complete our courses.

How can I have any additional questions I may have addressed?

Response: We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have. You may email us at: info@aihcp.org You may also phone us at: 330-6562-7776. We also have live chat available M-F, 9:00am - 5:00 PM EST. To access live chat, click here.

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