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GC 682

Ambiguous Grief & Cognitive Grief Therapy



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This course focuses on two important concepts in grief counseling which are not mainstream. The first is a kind of grief, which is not caused by physical death, but grief that is caused by a psychological absence. Psychological absence can cause grief like physical death and often more painful to adapt to and cope with it. First step is to identify the psychological absence, then identify its effects, then possible treatments. The second is a kind of therapy. This important concept to learn about in this course is the practice of Cognitive Grief Psychotherapy. Cognitive Therapy is based on changing dysfunctional thinking and emotions. Assessment, interventions, and complications in the bereavement processes are studied using the cognitive model of therapy. Finally, this course touches on the difficulties and challenges that cognitive therapists often face. Course Code: GC 682. 50 Hrs

Instructor/Course Author: R. Hope Ishak, Ph.D, MS, BE

Resume: access here

BOARD APPROVALS: AIHCP is an approved provider of continuing education by the American Institute of Health Care Professionals (The Provider) is approved by the California Board of Registered Nurses, Provider number # CEP 15595 for 50 Contact Hours.

This course, which is approved by the Florida State Board Of Nursing (CE Provider # 50-11975) also has the following Board of Nursing Approvals, for 50 contact hours of CE:

The American Institute of Health Care Professionals Inc: is a Rule Approved Provider of Continuing Education by the Arkansas Board of Nursing. CE Provider # 50-11975.
The American Institute of Health Care Professionals Inc: is a Rule Approved Provider of Continuing Education by the Georgia Board of Nursing. CE Provider # 50-11975.
The American Institute of Health Care Professionals Inc: is a Rule Approved Provider of Continuing Education by the South Carolina Board of Nursing. CE Provider # 50-11975.
The American Institute of Health Care Professionals Inc: is a Rule Approved Provider of Continuing Education by the West Virginia Board of Examiners for Professional Registered Nurses. CE Provider # 50-11975.
The American Institute of Health Care Professionals Inc: is a Rule Approved Provider of Continuing Education by the New Mexico Board of Nursing. CE Provider # 50-11975.

Course Refund & AIHCP Policies: access here

This is a guided, independent study CEU Course. You are to study and progress at your own rate. There are no written assignments. It is recommended that you follow this process for completing the course:

1. Order your textbooks for the course. Information and a link to order the book online are presented below.

2. Review the course objectives.

3. You may access the online examination by click on the tab above "EXAMS." Once you access the examination, you may print it out so that you can more easily work with it.

4. You are required to read/review all chapters in the assigned textbooks. As you read/review each chapter, you may want to stop and identify the corresponding questions on the exam related to the material of that chapter, and answers the questions on your printed out copy of the examination. You can proceed doing this with each chapter, until you have completed your study of the textbook. Please read/review each chapter in sequence. Do not "skip" ahead, as each chapter builds upon the materials in the previous chapter.

5. Once you have completed all of the chapters in the textbook, and have completed all of the examination questions, you should then click the tab above "Exams" and go ahead and click in your responses to the questions. Be sure to click the submit button at the bottom of the exam. Also, when you are inserting your responses to the questions, please complete this process for all questions on the examination. If you do not complete all of the questions, and attempt to "exit" the exam and come back later to finishing inserting your responses, all of your inserted responses up to that point will be lost. As such, you would have to re-enter the online examination and re-enter all of your responses again.

6. We will receive your completed examination and we will notify you of your total score. You may expect to receive your examination grade within 24- 48 hours of our receipt of the completed examination You will receive from us, via email, a copy of your graded examination so that you may review any question or questions you might have responded to incorrectly.

7. If you successfully complete the examination with a passing score, we will process your CE Certificate, which will include the course title, the awarded contact hours of continuing education, and the date of completion. Your CEU certificate will be postal mailed to you. You can expect to receive your certificate within 2 weeks of completing the online examination.

TIME FRAME: You are allotted two years from the date of enrollment, to complete this course. There are no set time-frames, other than the two year allotted time. If you do not complete the course within the two-year time-frame, you will be removed from the course and an "incomplete" will be recorded for you in our records. Also, if you would like to complete the course after this two-year expiration time, you would need to register and pay the course tuition fee again.

TEXTBOOKS: There are two (2) required textbooks: 

Ambiguous Loss: Learning to Live with Unresolved Grief by Pauline Boss. Harvard University Press. ISBN 0-674-01738-2

Link to Purchase on Amazon.com: click here

Cognitive Grief Therapy: Constructing a Rational Meaning to Life Following Loss by Ruth Malkinson. Norton & Company, Inc. ISBN-13: 978-0-393-70439-6. ISBN-10: 0-393-70439-4

Link to Purchase on Amazon.com: click here

GRADING: You must achieve a passing score of at least 70% to complete this course and receive the 35 hours of awarded continuing education credit. There are no letter grades assigned. You will receive notice of your total % score. Those who score below the minimum of 70% will be contacted by the American Academy of Grief Counseling and options for completing additional course work to achieve a passing score, will be presented.

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COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
  1. To identify, assess, and counsel about other types of grief
  2. To identify, assess, and counsel about unresolved grief
  3. To learn to ride the ups and downs of ambiguous grief
  4. To learn to live with the ambiguities
  5. To learn about Cognitive Grief Therapy for complicated grief
  6. To learn about complications in bereavement
  7. To understand the ABC and REBT models in Cognitive-Psychotherapy
  8. To learn about assessment and intervention in Cognitive Grief Therapy
  9. To learn about difficulties and challenges for Cognitive grief therapists
  1. About frozen grief (Boss)
  2. Normative death and psychological absence (Boss)
  3. Goodbye without leaving (Boss)
  4. Ups and downs (Boss)
  5.  The family gamble (Boss)
  6.  Insight gained experientially versus cognitively (Boss)
  7. The turning point (Boss)
  8.  Leaving without goodbye (Boss)
  9. Making sense out of ambiguity (Boss)
  10.  Foundations of Cognitive Grief Therapy (Malkinson)
  11. The two-track model of bereavement: A balance model (Malkinson)
  12. Grief and bereavement cognitive behavioral psychotherapy (Malkinson)
  13. The cognitive model of bereavement (Malkinson)
  14. The model of REBT and the ABC model of psychotherapy (Malkinson)
  15. Assessment and interventions in the practice of cognitive grief therapy (Malkinson)
  16. A case study in the construction of a new meaning to life (Malkinson)
  17. Complications in the normal course of bereavement (Malkinson)
  18. Cognitive intervention with complicated grief (Malkinson)
  19. Cognitive grief therapy with couples grieving over the loss of a child (Malkinson)
  20. Cognitive grief therapy with families (Malkinson)
  21. Difficulties and challenges for therapists (Malkinson)

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