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honor code for students

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Students at AIHCP, INC. agree to maintain the high standards of the “Honor Code for Students” at all times during their enrollment. Failure to maintain the Honor Code may result in a student’s dismissal.

  1. Students will abide by the instructions provided by faculty for all examinations and assignments.

  2. Students will take their own examinations without the aid or assistance of any other person or persons.

  3. Students will not use any additional aids or references for examinations other than resources defined by the faculty for use in taking examinations.

  4. Students will not make copies and/or provide copies of any examinations to anyone, for any purposes.

  5. Students will not take any examinations together, nor provide any answers to other students related to examination questions.

  6. Students will not copy any examinations, by any know means of copy, including electronic or computer copying.

  7. Students will not provide their username and/or password to any person or persons.

  8. Students will do their assignments without the aid of any person or persons, unless so approved by the faculty/instructor.

  9. Students will not commit any type of plagiarism on scholarly papers submitted, when assigned.

  10. Students will be the sole author of all scholarly papers submitted for a grade.

  11. Students will not submit any other person or persons work as if it was their own.

  12. Students will in no way assist any other students (current or future) in committing any violations of this Honor Code.

  13. Students will not attempt to access and/or copy any course materials for courses they have not officially registered for.

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