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1. All students taking a continuing education course(s) receive, upon enrollment, a unique Username and Password.

2. The Username and Password are used for access to the online course classroom, and for access to the course examination.

3. All of the "letters" in your Username and Password are "case sensitive." This means that you must use specifically either "capital" or upper case letters or "small letters" or lower case letters.

4. Our Username and Passwords are all formatted to use CAPITAL or upper case letters.

5. When using your Username/Password, you MUST type your "letters" as Capital or upper case letters.

  • Example: if your Username is: AH455 and your Password is: RP98
  • You will type (in the classroom access menu) AH455. The "A" and the "H" must be typed as capital /upper case letters.
  • The same holds true for your password; RP98. You will type RP98. The "R" and the "P" must be typed as capital/upper case letters.

6. The most common reason that students have difficulties accessing their online classrooms and/or examinations is failure to use capital or upper case letters when they type in their username and password.

7. When attempting to access your online classroom, you should also click in a "check" in the small box on the security window "Save Password." For some reason, with some computers, this needs to "checked" in order to gain classroom access.

8. Usernames and Passwords are unique for each student. They are for your own personal use for your course, and should never be shared with anyone.


If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact us at: info@aihcp.org


February 2010