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Marco Meneses, MSc

Training and Development
Nutritionist and Dietitian

798 Cotton Bay Drive WEST, Suite 1404
West Palm Beach, FL 33406
(561) 713-3213

Email:  marcomeneses@msn.com
Web page: http://marcomeneses.com
Web page: http://www.developmentex.com/member/meneses

  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Master of Science in Training and Development
  • Master of Science in Public Health
  • Certified Health Educator Specialist (National Commission For Health Education and Credentialing) Whitehall, PA
  • Certified Chronic Disease Management- Diabetes-University of Stanford Self Management Program




  • Project Manager Healthy Living- Chronic Disease and Diabetes Self Management- Minority Development and Empowerment, Inc., Florida
  • Coordinator Chronic Disease Prevention, Broward County Health Department, Florida
  • Chairperson, Nutrition and Fitness Taskforce of Broward County Health Department, Florida
  • ONLINE Instructor “Health Professional Educator: Principles of Teaching and Learning”, American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Ohio.


Manage Health education and promotion programs, diabetes-self-management, personal wellness, nutrition education, and stress management, high blood pressure.  Provide information to communities in an effort to promote, maintain, and improve healthy lifestyles.
Develop, produce, and evaluate mass media health campaigns, writing educational material, newsletters, public information reports, and grant proposals. 

My approach applies what has been learned over the last 25 years in Health Promotion and Social marketing projects and adapts innovations from other disciplines including business, behavior change and communications to improve maternal and child health and nutrition.  

Focus on community-based approaches that improve the nutritional status and optimal feeding practices in the context of child health, nutrition, and food security interventions.  All of these in a Freirian praxis approach to community empowerment, community mobilization, organization, and participatory education
Experience acquired in Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Sudan, Egypt, Somalia, and USA.



Minority Development and Empowerment, Inc. Fort Lauderdale- Chronic Disease and Diabetes Self-Management. December 2011- Current

  • Outreach of 3,000 Families to teach Diabetes and Chronic Diseases Self management
  • Teach six workshops about Diabetes self Management
  • Teach 10 workshops about Chronic Disease Self Management, according to Stanford University Healthy Living Curriculum
  • Manage and train 6 community Health Workers


Broward County Health Department, Fort Lauderdale, FL. Coordinator Chronic Disease Prevention.  January 2011 December 2011.

  • Coordinating the development and implementation and evaluation of a comprehensive health promotion (chronic disease prevention) program for Broward County, based in Healthy People 2020 Objectives.
  • Ensures the functioning of the Nutrition and Fitness Task Force of Broward County as a successful vehicle and “core” for health promotion programs and activities in the community (coalition building)
  • Seeks grant funding and completes grant applications for health promotion programs and activities for the Broward County Health Department and at times in conjunction with community partners.
  • Coordinates and completes all programmatic reporting (to the Bureau of Chronic Disease and locally), needs assessment, data collection, resources, and reporting requirements and ensures scientific-based evaluation of all program activities and objectives.

Health Education Solutions, West Palm Beach, Florida, November 2008 – November 2010
Vice President Training and Development.

  • Manage Health education and promotion programs, personal wellness, nutrition education, stress management, smoking cessation, substance abuse, safety, high blood pressure, pregnancy, and diabetes. Provide information to communities in an effort to promote, maintain, and improve healthy lifestyles.
  • Sexual and reproductive education, family life education, HIV/ STDs, community organizing and outreach, coalition building, advocacy and social marketing.
  • Educate patients about medical procedures, operations, services and therapeutic regimens, conduct staff training and consult with other health care providers about behavioral, cultural, or social barriers to health; promote self-care; develop activities to improve patient participation on clinical processes;
  • Educate individuals to protect, promote, or maintain their health and reduce risky behaviors; make appropriate community-based referrals.
  • Develop, produce, and evaluate mass media health campaigns, writing educational material, newsletters, public information reports, and grant proposals.
  • Able to collect and analyze data for researching, designing, and presenting preventative health care programs.
  • I can help companies meet occupational health and safety regulations, work with the media, and identify community health resources for employees, Employee Assistance Programs and Preventing Violence in the Workplace.


CARE USA, Atlanta, Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia, August 2008 – November 2008
Technical Advisor for Nutrition.

  • Integrate optimal IYCF (infant young child feeding) practices and related maternal nutrition into ongoing CARE health and nutrition programming in Nicaragua, Bangladesh, Peru, Indonesia, Sierra Leona, Mozambique, Kenya, and Rwanda.
  • Build the capacity within CARE, partners and communities to promote and support optimal IYCF and related maternal nutrition practices
  • Develop technically adequate materials to facilitate formative research and tools for capacity building that meets the needs of varying cultures and work environments.
  • Participation in the USAID CORE Child Survival Nutrition working group



PLANNED PARENTHOOD, West Palm Beach, Florida, Sept 2005 – August 2008.
Community Health Educator.                                             

  • Ensuring that all activities of the Reproductive Health Program are implemented in a timely manner, provide technical and training support to beneficiaries, and liaise with donors, government officials and community leaders in the field regarding program activities. 
  • Managing diverse projects on HIV/ AIDS education and prevention, adolescent pregnancy, family health, parenting, and community education.
  • Overseeing grant management, compliance with all grant obligations, and grant related requests from donors including Children’s Services Council, Title X, donors, and foundations, and responsible for internal and external reporting and budgeting.
  • Leading and facilitating 250 workshops to Trainers of Trainers on community mobilization, Breast health, STD, contraception, prenatal care, sexual orientation, sexuality and values clarification that reached a total of 7,800 families in the county.

CATHOLIC CHARITIES, Joliet, Illinois, Jan 1995- Aug 2005
Manager of Child Development and Health Services.                            

  • Implemented the Health and Nutrition Program areas as they relate to the Head Start performance standards for 25 head start centers
  • Collaborated with 18 community agencies and local education agencies providing Child Health and Development services to 5,000 children.
  • Oversee, monitored, and supervised the Health and Nutrition areas
  • Proposed and assisted in the creation of the monthly trainings for pre-school teachers in the areas of human development, nutrition,

WORLD VISION INTERNATIONAL, Baidoa, Somalia, Oct 1993- Feb 1994
Program Officer                                                                                           

  • Implemented the Child Survival Program for 40,000 families in the area.
  • Participated with mobile health clinics, immunizations, control of tuberculosis
  • Developed and delivered a total of 50 trainings for community health workers and midwives.
  • Provided technical training to counterparts in the areas of nutrition, vaccination, tropical disease control, maternal care, child growth monitoring, and water sanitation, HIV/AIDS.
  • Assessed local conditions using qualitative and participative research techniques
  • Conducted rapid rural assessments and documented the health and nutrition situation in areas previously inaccessible to the international community in Baidoa area.

CARE International, Bara, SUDAN, Jan 1993- Oct 1993
Provincial Team Leader   

  • Director of the Maternal and Child Survival Program (Bara, Tayba, Um Keredium,

Genejish and Um Dam). Total target was 50,493 women (20%) from a total population of
253,000 women.

  • Developed and implemented training and support for a total of 1,500 health workers in water and sanitation, HIV/AIDS, women’s development, environmental protection, and local economic development projects.
  • Monitored and gave technical assistance to five project managers and 80 employees in the areas of relief, community wells and sanitation.
  • Liaison with local non-governmental and governmental organizations: local ministry of agriculture, Agriculture Bank of Sudan, Forest National Corporation, Ministry of Health, National Rural Water Corporation and Ministry of Health.
  • Managed a program budget over $850,000 per year.

Health and Nutrition Team Leader                                               

  • Trained of 250 community health workers in basic nutrition, proper feeding practices to maintain child health, and maternal education.
  • Conducted community needs assessments to reduce malnutrition, morbidity rates of children under five years of age and child bearing women.
  • Established two therapeutic and supplemental feeding centers in the refugee camp of Likuwa and attended more than 500 children (ages 0-5 years old) with several degrees of malnutrition.


Program Officer       

  • Monitoring and evaluation of UN Volunteers’ executed projects in health, agriculture, administration, women development, mechanics and computers. The most important UNV executed projects were EQG/88/003 “Support to WFP School Feeding Program” with a total budget of $450,000 and EQG/88/004 “Technical assistance for agricultural development in the Acurenam district” with a total cost of $172,000.
  • Oversee grant management, and grant related requests from donors including USAID, UNDP and Foundations, and budgeting of the U.N. AIDS Task Force.

UNITED NATIONS VOLUNTEERS- World Food Program, San Pedro Sula, HONDURAS July 1987- July 1989
Assistant Program Officer

  • Managed the Honduras 2523 project “Feeding of vulnerable groups and promotion of productive activities at family level” with a total cover of 12,000 families (60,000 persons) and Primary Health Care Volunteers, local midwives and Nutrition Field Workers. Distribution of 7,000 Mt of food and goods with a total cost of $5M.
  • Management of 38 people employed by the project in the area.
  • Prepare project budgets, periodic monitoring reports and evaluations with government institutions (Ministry of Forestry, Public Health, Public Works, Education, Welfare, etc)
  • Strengthened capacity of local institutions (Ministry of Forestry, Public Health, Public Works, Education, Welfare, etc) to implement community health programs by training and working closely with health workers, teachers, and community leaders.

UNITED NATIONS VOLUNTEERS- High Commissioner for Refugees, HONDURAS                                                                           
Jan 1985- May 1987
Assistant Field Officer         

  • Implementation and Evaluation of program activities for 35,000 refugees in four camps in Honduras.
  • Liaison with other agencies like Medicines San Frontiers, Catholic Relief Services, Caritas, Mennonite Church, etc.
  • Monitoring and evaluating program activities for the Salvadorian and Guatemalan refugees: by area, by sector, by agency and by camp (4 camps in Western Honduras with a total of 21,000 refugees and 5 non-governmental agencies)

Rural Community Nutritionist- Public Health

  • Traveled to conduct nutritional screenings, workshops, advocacy, to reduce malnutrition of children under five years old and pregnant and nursing women.
  • Provided on-going technical assistance to local “campesino- peasant” groups to implement community health programs by training and working closely with health workers, agriculture agents, teachers, women and community leaders, including workshops, health and agriculture fairs and other local events.




  • UNIVERSITY OF ST. FRANCIS, Joliet, Illinois

Master of Science - Training and Development, December 2003


Nutrition and Health Promotion in Primary Care, July 1994


Diploma, Management of Refugees, Displace Persons and other Disasters, 1993

  • UNIVERSIDAD DE ANTIOQUIA, Medellin, Colombia

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, December 1978
Master of Science in Public Health, December 1980



  • Certified Family Life Educator - 2007, National Council on Family Relations, Minn., MN.
  • Certified Sexual Educator-2007, American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists, Ashland, VA.
  • Certified Health Educator Specialist- 2007, National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Whitehall, PA.
  • Certified by the Department of Public Health State of Florida- 2005: HIV-AIDS Prevention, Counseling, Testing and Referral.
  • Certified by The Comprehensive AIDS Program of Palm Beach-Florida-2006: HIV –AIDS Prevention and Social Marketing.
  • Certified by The American Red Cross-2012: Adult, Infant and Child CPR and First Aid.


LANGUAGES:  English: Fluent - Spanish: Native