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The American Institute of Health Care Professionals

"Dedicated to Continued Learning, Growth, and Achievement in Health Care Practice"

Proceeds from Certifications and Fellowships programs of the AIHCP are donated to the Missionaries of Charity.

Summary Statement

The American Institute of Healthcare Professionals is an organization whose mission and purpose is to provide "Certification" and "Fellowships" for defined health care professionals; attesting to the fulfillment of specific standards related to knowledge, skill, and professional practice within defined specialties. This includes the process of Certification and the process of Fellowship for each of the defined practice specialties.

The American Institute of Healthcare Professionals Inc., offers healthcare professionals a mechanism to attain appropriate Certification and Fellowship status, through the defined processes of qualification and after successfully meeting all requirements for application. The AIHCP currently supports three divisions within it's professional structure; The American College of Clinical Hypnotherapy, The American Board for Case Management, and the American College of Legal Nurse Consultants and the Divsions for: Stress Management Consulting, Meditation Instructor, Spritual Counseling, Continuing Education and Accreditation.

Each of the professional divisions within the AIHCP develop their own specific Certification and Fellowship requirements, as well as standards for qualification via their individual professional advisory boards. Each advisory board is made up of qualified, certified, practicing professionals within the division's scope of practice. This ensures a high quality program development and oversight of continuing requirements to meet the Certification and Fellowship needs of it's members and the healthcare market.

The American Institute of Healthcare Professionals believes that many highly qualified, knowledgeable, experienced, professionals are limited in their ability to obtain appropriate Certifications due to the unrealistic requirements of academic degrees by other organizations. The American Institute of Healthcare Professionals believes in the ability of healthcare professionals to achieve very high levels of competency, knowledge, skills, and experiences without attaining formal advanced academic degrees, and that such professionals be offered access to an organization whereby their achievements can be recognized appropriately and based on high quality requirements for recognition.

The American Institute of Healthcare Professionals offers review and approval of many types of continuing education offerings for its defined specialties. Based on established standards which are reviewed and approved by the Institute's advisory boards, the American Institute of Healthcare Professionals attests that such educational offerings are of a quality to be valuable to the defined professionals.

The American Institute of Healthcare Professionals establishes and administrates defined "divisions" within the Institute to provide for Certification and Fellowship of varied healthcare professionals.

The American Institute of Healthcare Professionals establishes standards and requirements for re-certification of its certified members and re-application of fellowship status for its members who have achieved fellowship.

The AIHCP exists to:

  • Develop high quality programs for Certification and Fellowship for defined healthcare practice specialties through it's professionals divisions.
  • Develop high quality standards and qualifications for continued Certification and Fellowship status within the Institute.
  • Provide for peer reviewed programs of Certification and Fellowship that meet the ever changing needs of defined healthcare professionals and the healthcare market.
  • Provide a credential for those defined healthcare professionals who meet the requirements for Certification and Fellowships.
  • Provide an avenue for professional growth, learning and recognition of defined healthcare professionals.
  • Provide a "Code of Ethics" for each practice specialty for those deemed Certified or having attained Fellowship status.
  • To represent our Certified and Fellowed members to the healthcare market, and society, supporting the qualified attainment of all requirements for Certification and Fellowship, attesting to a high level of knowledge, skill, and clinical practice experience, within the defined professional specialties.
  • To provide appropriate Certification and Fellowship "initials" that credentialed members use to promote themselves to society while practicing in their defined specialties.
  • To provide a program of approval for various types of continuing education programs in our healthcare specialties that ensure adherence to quality standards for the offering of quality continuing education programs.