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What Is An Online Access Agreement

You or the bank can terminate this contract at any time if you inform the other party in writing of the termination. The termination does not impair the liability or obligation of any of the parties that were created in the run-up to the termination. For reasonable reasons, including non-use or inactivity, the Bank reserves the right to terminate all or part of this contract and your access to the online bank at any time without notice. After termination, we reserve the right not to make any further payments or transfers from your account in accordance with this Agreement, including payments or transfers that you have previously approved. When you terminate your online banking services, you allow the bank to continue making transfers that you have previously approved, until the bank has had a reasonable opportunity to act after your termination. You agree that at the end of your online banking services, either by you or by us, you will cancel all automatic or recurring transfers that you have previously approved and that you are responsible for those payments if you do not. 55. Availability of funds: The day of the deposit is considered the day we receive the image in the province where your account is located. The balance is credited to your account as soon as you receive the image, but availability and access to funds are subject to CIBC`s hold policy and your access to funds. All aggregation information may not be displayed: you acknowledge that some aggregation information collected by aggregated accounts may not be displayed in an aggregation service, although it may otherwise be used to provide you with a service. You remain responsible for accessing each account provider`s website or online service to view information or content, including any communication, disclosure or exclusion from their liability.

With Wells Fargo Bill Pay, you can plan bill payments through the service. You must have at least one eligible account that is either a Wells Fargo Account, a Wells Fargo Advisors brokerage account with The Brokerage Cash Services (“Brokerage Cash Services”) brokerage function or a priority line of credit accessible through the Service to be able to use Bill Pay.

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