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The American College of Legal Nurse Consulting

Achieving Fellowship Status

The ACLNC provides for a Fellowship status for Certified Specialists in Legal Nurse Consulting. Fellowship is granted following the successful completion of all requirements as defined by the ACLNC. Fellowship status is considered the highest form of professional recognition by a certification body, and attests to the Fellow's ongoing commitment, knowledge attainment, skill, and practice experience in the field of professional Legal Nurse Consulting. Those who achieve Fellowship status are deemed a "Fellow in the American College of Legal Nurse Consulting, and may use the initials, FACLNC. Fellows may also continue to use the initials LNC-CSp., as they maintain their initial ACLNC certification along with their Fellowship.

Requirements for Advancement to Fellowship

  • Requires a minimum of three years in certification as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, one year of which must be certification by the American College of Legal Nurse Consulting.
  • Applicants for Fellowship shall be required to successfully complete one of the following requirements:
    • § Completion of a Project in the Consulting specialty- this may include preparing actual cases for formal presentation in written format, according to project guidelines. Other types of projects may well be considered by the ACLNC. Criteria for completion of the project will be available only to Certified members of the ACLNC. Those who elect the project option must submit a formal proposal and have the proposal approved by the ACLNC.

      § Completion of a Thesis in the Consulting Specialty- submission of a formal paper (thesis) according to guidelines approved by the advisory board. Criteria for completion of the thesis will be available only to certified members of the ACLNC. Those who elect the thesis option must submit a formal proposal and have the proposal approved by the ACLNC.

      § Evidence of attainment of over 250 hours of continuing education in Legal Nurse Consulting, Legal Education, Risk Management, etc., over a 5 year period from the date of application for Fellowship. The ACLNC reserves the right to approve each of the submitted evidence of educational offerings. Offerings must be taken which are related to legal nurse consulting, legal issues related to healthcare, and risk management. The ACLNC maintains a list of approved programs and/or courses for advancement to Fellowship. If a course is not on the list, then a certified member may make application to have a course of their choice approved for continuing education hours toward Fellowship.

Fellowship Designation

Those certified applicants who successfully complete the Fellowship requirements shall be designated:

"Fellow in the American College of Legal Nurse Consulting"

And may use the initials: FACLNC

Timeline & Fee Schedules

Fellowship shall be for a 5 year period. Re-application is through evidence of continued education in Legal Nurse Consulting. Once a candidate for Fellowship is granted Fellow in the ACLNC, they will pay a $250.00 fee for the 5 year Fellowship period. If the candidate has time left in certification (4 year period), then, the ACLNC will prorate this toward their Fellowship fee.

For candidates submitting a project or thesis, there is a one-time fee required of $150.00 for peer reviews and processing. This payment is due at the time of submission of the project or thesis.

Reapplication Requirement

Reapplication for continued status as a Fellow requires 100 hours of continuing education over a 5 year period.

Review of Fellowship Projects/Thesis

The ACLNC shall contract with two Certified Legal Nurse Consultants to review and grade all projects and papers and make recommendations for advancement to Fellow status. As such, applicants will pay a fee for application for project approval. Once the ACLNC has granted a sufficient number of Fellowships, then the ACLNC will contract with Legal Nurse Consultant Fellows to review and grade projects and thesis.

Publishing Fellowship Thesis

The AIHCP supports and encourages its "Fellows" to have their approved thesis published. We recommend and refer our Fellows to pursue publication with "Scientific Journals International." Access link


Additional Information

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